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Hello! I’m Taylor.

I write about learning, time, design, software, ideas, and humor.

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Chat with me via e-mail or phone. I always respond, but not quickly. Consider sharing your favorite memes, books, music, podcasts, etc.

Recent Projects

chexs.io play hexagonal chess online
blogs.hn directory of small blogs
WorstPress the world’s worst website builder
scrapscript the sharable programming language
nowify a CLI for staying on-task
Outland a tech meetup for outlandish ideas
Dream Daddy personal coaching
LiveCount a generalized thing-counter


Hire Me

You can hire me to attempt anything. I only accept payment if clients are completely satisfied with my work. I maintain a diverse skillset: research, software, art, logistics, teamwork, audio, video, automation, education, and design.

Selected Essays