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I think we lost something when we moved from analog to digital clocks.

Our lives used to be cyclical. Every moment had its point on the perimiter of a circle.

Clocks used to ask us, "Who will you be in 10 years, if you continue to repeat today again and again?"

Time's hands waved like semaphore operators, reminding us that no ship stays afloat forever. But I guess that time has passed.

Now time is linear. Men and machines obey a single number: the milliseconds since January 1st, 1970 at 00:00:00.

Everything seems to be ahead of us and behind us, with no time for "now".

But we're blessed to live in an age of progress.
News is generated by the minute. High-quality goods and services are often instantly-accessible.
I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to binge-watch anime - it means that I'm not farming, or mining, or warding off invaders.

Sometimes I wish our clocks would start holding hands again. And that linear time would slow down enough to remind me that I've already been alive for way too many days.

We have more time than ever before. Let's make it count.

On one hand, we've got hours.

On the other hand, we've got minutes.