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Two Toucans Canoe

Two toucans canoe towards land.

Toucan Dan commands, "Paddle faster, Anne!"

And Anne paddles faster.

The canoe swerves westward.

"Too fast!" Toucan Dan reprimands.

Addled, Toucan Anne answers,

"You can see there's only two toucans in this canoe!

Tell me what you want, not what to do!"

Toucan Dan acquiesces,

"I booked a table-for-two-toucans at half-past-two.

It's that Thai place you love -- I picked it just for you.

I was afraid to be late to our date,

But I forgot that canoe time with you is date time too.

Sorry for being rude."

Two toucans canoe toward Thai food.

Two toucans can't argue in the same canoe.