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Things That Outlive Fancy Rats

The North England Rat Society gives longevity awards to promote “excellence in the care and breeding of fancy rats” (as opposed to normal rats?):

A NERS member owning a rat reaching an age of 28, 32, 36, or 40 months may apply for a Longevity award for that rat as follows:

Age Award
28 months Bronze Longevity award
32 months Silver Longevity award
36 months Gold Longevity award
40 months Platinum Longevity award

Things happened to you in the past 36 months. But you’ve already forgotten what felt so permanent. You surmounted what seemed insurmountable. Congratulations, you survived.

But in those 3 years, did you matter? Did your ideas sputter or accrue momentum? Did you forge relationships, enact plans, garner insights, create something grand, become somebody better, etc?

Fast-forward to tommorow. Hours on Instagram and Reddit disappear into black holes. Those chunks of your life will be gone forever. What is the half-life of doomscrolling dopamine?

In the coming months, you can spend 500 hours practicing Japanese or Rocket League. Which skill will outlive a fancy rat?

Your friend’s birthday is coming up again. You could purchase a fungible Starbuck’s gift card or paint an irreplaceable picture of a carefree duck. Which memory will outlive a fancy rat?

Laundry, meetings, lawncare, obligations – ephemera will eat your life away if you don’t pay attention.

Would you rather see your name on a novel or a thousand tweets?

Do things that outlive fancy rats.

duck painting

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