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_Boys Blowing Bladder_ by Peter Perez Burdett

_Little House in the Big Woods_ by Laura Ingalls Wilder

much worse than kids stomping that pig’s bladder

Extra credit: a study of balloon, Little House on the Prairie: 21st Century Edition, Make a Pig-Bladder Ball

After emptying its residual urine, an inflated pig’s bladder can be kicked, tossed, stomped, and fashioned into a fool’s stick.

Yes, children played with animal organs.

Balloon animals were made from intestines, inflated and tied into shapes of animals (intestinception).

If I saw my neighbor’s daughter playing with intestines, I’d call the cops.

But if only those happy children of yore could see me lavishing on their dying planet.

I violated the scout’s rule: I left my campsite worse than how I found it.

Forget carbon and ozone and plastic and coal and whatever – every year, what I steal from the commons outweighs my contributions.

A pig’s bladder can be grown and regrown, but plastic sits in the ocean forever(ish).

A pig’s bladder can make a game of football, or be reconstituted into cheap calories for other pigs.

My food cannot be made like this indefinitely. My life cannot be powered like this indefinitely. My toys and electronics and furniture and trinkets cannot be made like this indefinitely.

I want to build life from the things around me.