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Paying Netflix
$0.53/h, etc.

Warning: many of the numbers below are probably incorrect! Email me if you'd like to help make something more rigorous.

Note: Kevin Kelly made similar observations in 1995 and 2011.

tl;dr: People pay $0.50-$2.00 for an hour of digital entertainment.

ad-free sub. avg. usage
Xbox Live *$10/mo 40h/mo $0.25/h
NY Times $3/mo 7h/mo $0.46/h
NFL+ $7/mo 12h/mo $0.50/h
X $3/mo 6h/mo $0.50/h
Netflix $23/mo 43h/mo $0.53/h
Hulu $18/mo 33h/mo $0.54/h
YouTube $13/mo 23h/mo $0.56/h
Spotify $11/mo 7h/mo $1.57/h
est. price duration
video game (v. long) $60 180h $0.33/h
video game (long) $60 60h $1.00/h
book $12 10h $1.20/h
video game (short) $30 20h $1.50/h
film (online) $4 2h $2.00/h
audiobook $20 10h $2.00/h
cinema $12 2h $6.00/h
theme park $80 10h $8.00/h
cruise $1500 168h $8.92/h
default min. avg. pub.
Radiolab $5/mo 160m/mo $2/h
Tech Connections $1/mo 30m/mo $2/h
Cortex $5/mo 90m/mo $3/h
hbomberguy $2/mo 25m/mo $5/h
Articles of Interest $4/mo 40m/mo $6/h
TodePond $1/mo 10m/mo $9/h
NotJustBikes $3/mo 20m/mo $11/h
The Memory Palace $4/mo 20m/mo $12/h
Escaping Flatland $7/mo 30m/mo $14/h
Experimental History $10/mo 30m/mo $20/h
CGP Grey $7/mo 10m/mo $70/h