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My Podcast Subscriptions

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Podcasts are great! Except when they're not.

I highly recommend overcast.fm for listening to podcasts.

My Current Rotation

★★★★★ 99% Invisible
★★★★★ Articles of Interest
★★★★ Conversations with Tyler
★★★★ Derek Sivers
★★★★ Radiolab
★★★★ The Memory Palace
★★★ Cortex
★★★ What's Your Problem?
★★★ Software Unscripted

Bingeworthy series that are completed or on indefinite hiatus:

★★★★★ S-Town
★★★★★ The Anthropocene Reviewed
★★★★ On the Metal
★★★ Björk: Sonic Symbolism
★★★ My Year in Mensa
★★★ The Trojan Horse Affair
★★★ Hello Internet

Support these cool tech podcasts produced by my friends:

The Changelog
Elm Town
Future of Coding
Software Unscripted

Honorable Mentions

Series that I enjoyed at some point in the past:

★★ Against the Rules with Michael Lewis
Ahead of its Time
Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin
American Innovations
★★★ Cautionary Tales
★★★ Chemistry For Your Life
★★★★ Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend
★★★★ Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
Darknet Diaries
Dear Hank & Jon
★★★ Deep Questions with Cal Newport
★★ Endless Thread
★★ Epic Gardening
★★★★ Everything Everywhere Daily
★★★ Everything is Alive
Experimental History
★★★ Freakonomics
Hey Riddle Riddle
Land by Hand
Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr
More Perfect
★★★★ Nice Try!
Oxford University Computer Science
★★ Oxide & Friends
Patented: History of Inventions
★★★ Planet Money
Reasonably Sound
Reconcilable Differences
Reply All
★★ Revisionist History
Stuff You Should Know
★★ The Economics of Everyday Things
The Joy of Why
The Permaculture Podcast
The Peter Attia Drive
The Strong Towns Podcast
The Tim Ferriss Show
Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson