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How to Become Exponential

This is ultimately a guide on how to become somebody else. It contains lots of bad advice, but even bad advice can be useful.

Feedback loops cause nonlinear gains. Becoming better faster makes you become better faster at becoming better faster.

To start personal feedback loops, you need to (1) do things and (2) notice them. Aim to notice important things about yourself quickly.

To notice important things about yourself:

To quickly act upon things you notice about yourself:

To notice more things about yourself…

…search for friction.

…improve your recording/capture tooling.

…be ruthless.

…improve your analysis methods.

…create falsifiable conditions.

…give yourself space and time.

To quickly act upon things you notice about yourself…

…focus on values.

…avoid willpower.

…stick to a system.

…perform experiments.

…depend on others.