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Yearly Themes

This page is an ongoing log of my experiences with long-term "themes". Learn more about yearly themes here and here.

The Year of Raw 2023-2024

The fooking bass is fooking raw!

-- Gordon Ramsay

Going Raw 2023.08.11

The Year of Trailblazing 2022-2023

End of the Trail 2023.08.08

I charted a wild path over the last two-ish years:

Things I learned:

Keeping the Path 2023.01.03

I want to explore! I want to ascend! I want to yearn and struggle and grow!

In 2023, I'll be pursuing some lofty goals:

Blazing these trails will require skills that I don't yet possess:

Let's go!

(Officially) Blazing the Trail 2022.10.17

When I decided to start my "year of trailblazing" earlier this year, I was speedrunning major life changes:

For me, charting unexplored territory has been a difficult delight! My soul has been fully engaged.

But the year's not over yet! Continuing into 2023, I'll still be trailblazing (literally and figuratively):