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Pick Practical Principles

Preview my personal practical principles.

Beware meaningless morals. Practical principles are falsifiable. Useful beliefs are testable and tweakable. Prefer "A does B" over "A is B". For example, "kindness causes happiness" hits harder than "kindness is good". Consider the conseqeunces of your convictions.

Observe others' outcomes. Study cause-and-effect. Happiness is often hitched to health. Resentment may make misery. Listening likely leads to likability. Greed seems to engender gloom. Fun is frequently found in friendship. And so on.

Subject your soul to the scientific method. When your principles clash, revise your assumptions. If you abhor who you're becoming, abandon your axioms. Discard dogmas that don't consistently cause constructive outcomes.

Bad beliefs beget friction. If you frequently find yourself fighting fate, adjust your compass. Waging war against the world is wasteful. Align your ethics to the universe.

Health evaporates. Relationships waver. Fame fades. Moral compasses provide direction amid desolation. Good virtues generate growth when life is luxurious. Embrace ideas that inspire integrity. Pick practical principles.

What is your mind made of?

My Personal Practical Principles