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Life moves both more slowly and more quickly than expected! Looking back at “big things” puts you into perspective.

2023.09.16 updated my battlestation
2023.09.21 attended the final Strange Loop
2023.09.25 scrapscript ecosystem designs
2023.10.02 started making apple vinegar
2023.10.02 dusted off my guitars
2023.10.11 binged todepond videos
2023.10.12 made dehydrated apple chips
2023.10.17 built a working scrapscript interpreter
2023.11.22 wigwam.directory


I try to focus on “one big thing” at a time. Bouncing between projects is fun, but it’s better to harness boredom and frustration to finish big things.

2023.10.20 flashcasts
2023.10.31 designing “jigs”


I am uncomfortably full of ideas. This is a queue of projects that I’ve designed and am ready to build/publish. Never confuse an idea with its implementation.

2023 looop, taylor.town api, gob
2023 finding looop customers
2023 scrapscript cli
2023 more scrapscript

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