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2024.10.19-21 Las Vegas, US WWWY
2024.08.08-11 Las Vegas, US Def Con 32
2024.07.04-07 Los Angeles, US Anime Expo
2024.06.07-15 Oslo, NO NDC Oslo
2024.05.26-31 Amsterdam, NL DDD Europe
2024.05.21-24 Chicago, US Circularity ‘24


2024.04.17 body: parsing apple health xml
2024.04.14 “Postgres is a Platform?”: research
2024.04.13 binging Christopher Alexander books: Notes on the Synthesis of Form
2024.04.14 “how to bore an audience and dodge tomatoes”: writing
2024.04.14 spring farming: waiting on money to buy tablesaw to make pergolas
2024.04.14 AVP 3D model editor: touching surfaces
2024.04.17 creator tools: internal streaming/review system


2024.04.17 idea: hole-digging meditation workshop called “digging deeper with holistic meditation”
2024.04.16 if you don’t disclose your baby’s sex, you’ll get fewer pink/blue gifts
2024.04.15 “leviacene” complements “anthropocene”
2024.04.14 ♫ every day is the worst day of my life ♫
2024.04.14 fear me, for i am an unstoppable and capricious god
2024.04.13 apparently acorns have no actual corn in them
2024.04.12 stringly-typed vs. strongly-typed
2024.04.12 “I did some research into this some time ago. We were looking into “bio-light” using luciferase (the mentioned firefly protein). The thing is that that protein emits one photon for 1 ATP (fuel) molecule. The amount of ATP needed to make a 200 lumen plant, is kilograms per day. Completely unfeasible.” – @teekert
2024.04.12 say something old in a new way
2024.04.11 Nuclear Power Trio - Critical Bass Theory
2024.04.11 ninja warrior, but it’s skateboards
2024.04.10 good dehydration recipes
2024.04.09 only morons and cowards “respond to incentives.” healthy people do what they want to do if reasonably practical, great people do what they want to do no matter what. … – @alicemazzy
2024.04.09 Note to self: Meat is defensible, but my current lifestyle isn’t. Factory meats are no good.
2024.04.08 “That’s enough, Johnny! You’re grounded. No dinner, no television, and definitely no sousaphone.”
2024.04.04 Check out the Future of Coding Weekly Digest and Slack Archive.
2024.04.04 Please convince my wife to let me turn our home into a charter houseSCIENCE HOUSE!
2024.04.03 if this gets 10 likes i will steal the declaration of independence
2024.04.02 :syntax off
2024.03.30 big idea: a minigolf course called Un Petit Put
2024.03.29 My laptop disconnects from the internet every 15 minutes (*/15 4-14 * * *) until I turn it on again. I built a sandcastle to dam the tides, and to restrain myself from rollicking in them.
2024.03.29 Chronic completionism is misery.
2024.03.28 “Structured data. Not too much. Mostly text.”
2024.03.28 a seven harp ensemble couldn’t hold me back
2024.03.28 This is /now, a microblog.
2024.03.28 This is now a microblog.
2024.03.01 scrapscript sprint
2024.02.27 joined Replenysh
2024.02.20 visited SF Bay Area
2024.02.19 farming experiments
2024.02.15 built recycling software in Elm
2023.02.06 finished flashcasts
2024.01.15 scrapscript demo
2024.01.01 featured on Hacker Stations
2023.12.19 back on the job market
2023.12.18 wrote a manifesto for the “cheap” web
2023.12.13 launched WishWell
2023.11.22 published wigwam.directory
2023.10.17 built a working scrapscript interpreter
2023.10.12 made dehydrated apple chips
2023.10.11 binged todepond videos
2023.10.02 dusted off my guitars
2023.10.02 started making apple vinegar
2023.09.25 scrapscript ecosystem designs
2023.09.21 attended the final Strange Loop
2023.09.16 updated my battlestation
2023.09.07 abandoned project uncruft
2023.09.07 finished project primer
2023.09.05 cashed out coinbase
2023.09.03 pygmy present
2023.09.01 installed llm.nvim
2023.08.29 planted lots of veggies
2023.08.17 built ui for project uncruft
2023.08.17 investigating microservice mess
2023.08.16 giant mouse trap
2023.08.11 started my “Year of Raw”
2023.08.09 fixed our stupid honey leak
2023.08.08 connected with some local farms
2023.08.06 intake form project
2023.07.16 created chexs.io
2023.07.05 built blogs.hn
2023.07.01 attended Anime Expo
2023.06.29 made WorstPress
2023.06.29 seeded more produce and clover
2023.06.29 sprouted some corn stalks from seed
2023.06.29 launched healthcare mvp for client
2023.06.28 interviewed on Changelog
2023.06.28 launched scrapscript community
2023.06.28 scrapscript guide
2023.06.11 downsized Outland
2023.06.18 open-sourced nowify
2023.06.10 bicycled from SF to LA
2023.06.03 attended SF tech week
2023.05.29 another Outland sprint
2023.05.29 gob sprint
2023.05.16 taylor.town updates
2023.05.14 another tiny newsletter and website
2023.05.13 quick design project
2023.05.10 AIDS/LifeCycle logistics prep
2023.05.08 raised $3500 for AIDS/lifecycle
2023.05.08 ordered business cards
2023.05.06 scrapscript newsletter
2023.05.04 pitch deck & demo
2023.04.27 submitted Strange Loop talk
2023.04.26 helped a friend
2023.04.25 scrapscript.org
2023.04.21 serious Outland work
2023.04.16 attended Coachella for Björk
2023.04.11 secret app idea prototype
2023.04.07 applied to YC2023S
2023.03.30 afflicted with plague
2023.03.18 updated taylor.town style
2023.03.18 taylor.town rss feed
2023.03.17 subscribed to rss feeds
2023.03.14 tuned my work routines to major life changes
2023.03.14 secret app idea planning
2023.03.02 finished a secret rewrite project
2023.02.25 Outland 2023 financial planning
2023.02.21 Marie Kondo’d a server
2023.02.21 Marie Kondo’d a database
2023.02.21 configured ticket sales for Outland
2023.02.21 reached out to final round of speakers for Outland 2023
2023.02.20 prepared some lectures for Strange Loop
2023.02.19 devised tiny money-making schemes
2023.02.19 went on a lovely bicycle ride
2023.02.15 sent some collaboration ideas to friends
2023.02.14 started Outland mailing list
2023.02.13 finished unstyled Elm client for big rewrite project
2023.02.11 reached out to third round of speakers for Outland 2023
2023.02.09 worked at Osmind
2023.02.14 announced Outland 2023
2023.02.13 opened freelancing profile on gun.io
2023.02.06 reached out to second round of speakers for Outland 2023
2023.02.03 integrated OpenAI into my workflows
2023.01.31 started rewriting an app in Elm
2023.01.31 drafted tangle of essays about refactoring
2023.01.27 reached out to first round of speakers for Outland 2023
2022.01.11 tidied my closet
2023.01.11 designed public.horse
2023.01.09 became a “life-coach”
2023.01.08 cleared out work backlogs
2022.12.31 researched potential speakers for my Outland 2023
2022.12.30 toki pona flash cards
2022.12.24 wrote too many essays
2022.12.10 reimagined baby-sign-language
2022.11.29 subtly redesigned taylor.town

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