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Town Hall #21: Basement

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Well, I've become a painting goblin, minus the paint.

My days have been pleasantly packed with spring gardening, family time, deep work, lecture prep (4+ talks coming up), 3D modeling, etc.

Quiet is nice. Life is good. I'm alive.

But anyway, I've been up here long enough -- the basement beckons.



2024.05.21-24 Chicago, US Circularity '24
2024.05.26-31 Amsterdam, NL DDD Europe
2024.06.07-15 Oslo, NO NDC Oslo
2024.07.04-07 Los Angeles, US Anime Expo
2024.08.08-11 Las Vegas, US Def Con 32
2024.10.19-21 Las Vegas, US WWWY


2024.04.17 idea: hole-digging meditation workshop called "digging deeper with holistic meditation"
2024.04.16 if you don't disclose your baby's sex, you'll get fewer pink/blue gifts
2024.04.13 apparently acorns have no actual corn in them
2024.04.12 stringly-typed vs. strongly-typed
2024.04.09 Note to self: Meat is defensible, but my current lifestyle isn't. Factory meats are no good.
2024.04.08 "That's enough, Johnny! You're grounded. No dinner, no television, and definitely no sousaphone."
2024.04.03 if this gets 10 likes i will steal the declaration of independence
2024.04.02 :syntax off
2024.03.30 big idea: a minigolf course called Un Petit Put
2024.03.29 My laptop disconnects from the internet every 15 minutes (*/15 4-14 * * *) until I turn it on again. I built a sandcastle to dam the tides, and to restrain myself from rollicking in them.
2024.03.29 Chronic completionism is misery.


2024.04.15 "leviacene" complements "anthropocene"
2024.04.14 ♫ every day is the worst day of my life ♫
2024.04.14 fear me, for i am an unstoppable and capricious god
2024.04.12 "I did some research into this some time ago. We were looking into "bio-light" using luciferase (the mentioned firefly protein). The thing is that that protein emits one photon for 1 ATP (fuel) molecule. The amount of ATP needed to make a 200 lumen plant, is kilograms per day. Completely unfeasible." -- @teekert
2024.04.12 say something old in a new way
2024.04.11 Nuclear Power Trio - Critical Bass Theory
2024.04.11 ninja warrior, but it's skateboards
2024.04.10 good dehydration recipes
2024.04.09 only morons and cowards "respond to incentives." healthy people do what they want to do if reasonably practical, great people do what they want to do no matter what. … -- @alicemazzy
2024.04.04 Check out the Future of Coding Weekly Digest and Slack Archive.
2024.04.04 Please convince my wife to let me turn our home into a charter house -- SCIENCE HOUSE!
2024.03.28 "Structured data. Not too much. Mostly text."
2024.03.28 a seven harp ensemble couldn't hold me back
2024.03.28 This is /now, a microblog.
2024.03.28 This is now a microblog.


★★★★★ review The World According to Garp :: John Irving
★★★★★ review Educated :: Tara Westover
★★★★ review The Night Circus :: Erin Morgenstein
★★★★ review The Midnight Library :: Matt Haig
★★★★ review The Dispossessed :: Ursula K. Le Guin
★★★ review A Soil Owner's Manual :: Jon Stika
★★★ review Paved Paradise :: Henry Grabar
★★★ review The MANIAC :: Benjamin Labatut
★★★ review Genius at Play: The Curious Mind of John Horton Conway :: Siobhan Roberts
★★ review What Do You Care What Other People Think? :: Richard P. Feynman
★★ review The Upcycle :: William McDonough and Michael Braungart
★★ review Nine Princes in Amber :: Roger Zelazny
★★ review From Here to Eternity :: Caitlin Doughty
★★ review Revolver: Sam Colt and the Six-Shooter That Changed America :: Jim Rasenberger, Jacques Roy, et al.
★★ review Book Thief :: Markus Zusak
★★ review Birnam Wood :: Eleanor Catton
review Among Others :: Jo Walton
review Little, Big :: John Crowley


★★★★★ Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile :: The Goat Rodeo Sessions
★★★★★ The Lemon Twigs :: Everything Harmony
★★★★★ Janelle Monáe :: The ArchAndroid
★★★★ Strawberry Girls :: French Ghetto
★★★★ Portishead :: Third
★★★★ Hiromi :: Move
★★★★ DOMi & JD BECK :: NOT TiGHT
★★★★ A Skylit Drive :: Wires…And The Concept Of Breathing
★★★ The Octopus Project :: Hexadecagon
★★★ Sufjan Stevens :: The BQE
★★★ Nuclear Power Trio :: Wet Ass Plutonium
★★★ Nils Frahm :: All Melody
★★★ Nala Sinephro :: Space 1.8
★★★ Jethro Tull :: War Child
★★★ Gupi :: All
★★★ Good Tiger :: A Head Full of Moonlight
★★★ Chick Corea :: Plays
★★★ Carmen Jaci :: Happy Child
★★ ooxygen :: Puppy - EP
★★ Technimatic :: Better Perspective
★★ TURQUOISEDEATH & vmrrobotic :: Fool's Sanctuary
★★ Swan Lake :: Beast Moans
★★ Snail's House :: Lumi
★★ Snail's House :: Imaginarium
★★ Rush :: Snakes & Arrows
★★ Near the Parenthesis :: L'Eixample
★★ Moonlit Sailor :: We Come from Exploding Stars
★★ LITE :: Multiple
★★ Into It. Over It. :: Figure
★★ Hitsujibungaku :: our hope
★★ Hitsujibungaku :: Tonneru Wo Nuketara
★★ Helloween :: Walls of Jericho
★★ Devendra Banhart :: Mala
★★ DZA :: XENOBOT.1 - EP
Joie De Vivre :: The North End
Frank lero and the Patience :: Parachutes
EXO :: EX'ACT - The 3rd Album
Drose :: Boy Man Machine