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long time;
forgot to human

suddenly, your life is a video game.

no more free will. a stranger now sits behind your eyes, controlling your body via mouse and keyboard.

you are now a passenger in your flesh.

well obviously the stranger is going to stop doing THAT -- too boring.

this life sucks. did the previous player even have a strategy?

chaotic-good sounds fun.

so close to finishing this sidequest; let's go grab that perk.

whoops, wasted a lot of time on that.

how do i get these stats up? idle mechanics seem powerful, but i hate waiting.

rpg? rts? sim? wait -- is this an mmo too?

i can't believe i'm made of meat.

the money mechanics are onerous, but this physics engine is world-class. how big is the map?

dang, only one playthrough? what a punishing roguelike.

but of course you can become that stranger again for a little while.