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in the Wet Web

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The Company Formerly Known As Facebook usurped a really cool word.

In its stead, I offer "the wet web".

The wet web is the inevitable tangle of virtual layers imprinted onto our planet.

Gas stations are dry. Nightclubs are dry. Laundromats are dry.

Call of Duty is dry. VRChat is dry. Pinterest is dry.

Pokemon Go is wet. Strava is wet. Yelp is wet. Mario Kart Live is wet.

AR devices will force existing apps to become wet:

Most apps will have to figure out how to straddle navigation of the wet and dry web simultaneously, similar to today's "responsive" design of desktop and mobile.

To claim your domain in the wet web:

The wet web offers serious privacy risks. We must make the wet web interoperable on our own terms.

Do you want Facebook strapped to your face?

Find me in the streets, surfing the wet web.