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Bananas Will Become Smartphones

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We will soon be strapping cameras and screens to our faces.

Welcome to AR. Everything becomes a "touch-screen". Every object automatically gets a "display" and "gyroscope" and "accelerometer".


A banana can't register touch like a capacitive touchscreen, but cameras can detect a pinch near a virtual affordance to indicate a "click". Pinching is easy on the hands and easy to identify with computer vision from many angles.

banana QR hover

In the beginning, menus will hover near QR-codes. As object detection improves, 3D interfaces can wrap around any object. Hello, banana-phone.

hovering toaster menu

As your AR device detects new contexts, it will download custom interfaces. Virtual public interfaces can be shared via a 3D markup language. Email me if you have any 3D markup language suggestions.

Cutting Corners

hovering vending machine menu

When AR is ubiquitous, hardware manufacturers can make smaller devices with no screens and no buttons.

To save costs on physical components, companies will opt for virtual interfaces, much like modern smartphone-controlled devices.

Temper your expectations. Devices are desecrated with crappy LCDs, crappy bluetooth, crappy touch screens, and crappy WiFi. Virtual interfaces will be another iteration of crappy.

Let's hope virtual interfaces hide themselves when not in use.

Billboards Everywhere

hovering ads

Good futures are not inevitable. Companies will be incentivized to pollute your line-of-sight.

Now is the time to set boundaries.

Silver Linings

hovering burger nutrition facts

Banana smartphones are fun but impractical.

But general smartphoninification hints at a bright future: