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Case Study: Taylor's Lifestyle Design (from First Principles)

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From a blank slate, write down everything you need and want.

Define minimalism for yourself. Fill your life with delights.

1. My Processes

I am finite.

But I can carefully spend my remaining attention.


Fortune smiles upon me. At 30 years old, my "non-negotiables" eat half of my waking day:

potty, sleep, parent, hydrate, eat, earn, exercise, clean, chores


Beyond necessities, I pursue delights:

  1. laughing with loved ones
  2. overcoming challenges
  3. exercising creativity
  4. inciting coincidence
  5. helping people
  6. experiencing novelty
  7. meeting cool people
  8. dancing

To spend as much time as possible balancing wants and needs, I maintain a daily routine:

  1. check my daily calendar
  2. organize task lists and "tickle" ideas
  3. respond to messages and engage with communities
  4. complete chores
  5. tidy my home
  6. exercise
  7. progress current project
  8. write
  9. read
  10. commune with loved ones

2. My Consumables

Temporary commodities fuel my ongoing processes:

firewood, food, car fuel, heating/cooling electricity, cooking electricity, device electricty, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, floss, deodorant, shaving cream, blades, medications, home repair materials, soap, socializing trinkets, home cleaning supplies, events & travel costs, hazard & home insurance, prime, car insurance, cellular service, internet service, seeds

3. My Possessions

I like listing my "whys" and "whats" together. My love deepens for the delightful objects around me. I surrender my cruft when I study what matters.

To align myself with my processes, I note my valuable durable goods: