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Town Hall #19: Whimsy

I'm open for full-time and part-time work right now! Check out my portfolio, my resume, send me an email, throw something on my calendar, watch me forget how to balance a binary tree, etc.

I was featured on Hacker Stations!

I hope you enjoy the pics of my whimsy factory.



Questions & Answers

If you have questions or answers, send me an e-mail.


You can also scour my entire history of book reviews, album ratings, and active podcasts. You may also want to read about my rating system.


★★★★★ review Of Mice and Men :: John Steinbeck
★★★★★ review The Library at Mt. Char :: Scott Hawkins
★★★★ review Working :: Robert A. Caro
★★★★ review Kitchen :: Banana Yoshimoto
★★★★ review We Have Always Lived In The Castle :: Shirley Jackson
★★★ review Radical Acceptance :: Tara Brach
★★ review Breakfast at Tiffany's :: Truman Capote
★★ review Moll Flanders :: Daniel Dafoe
★★ review The Gift of Therapy :: Irvin Yalom


★★★★ Perturbator :: The Uncanny Valley
★★★ Lower Definition :: The Greatest of All Lost Arts
★★★ Anberlin :: Never Take Friendship Personal
Klangkuenstler :: That's Me
KEN Mode :: Loved