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Town Hall #7: Scary Stuff

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There is nobody to blame out here.

It's scary stuff. I'm starting a business, and all the failure will be my fault if things go awry.

To protect friends and family from my business blast-radius, I've been building the smallest valuable version of my idea. If I'm not clearly successful in a few months, I won't let my dreams drag me along.

My mind makes excuses. It tells me that I'm not prepared and not working hard enough and that the economy is not ready and that nobody will care. It pleads for distraction and comfort. But clocks are not kind to the comfortable.

I really don't make things easy on myself. Outland 2023 is only 6 months away! Tickets are now on sale, sponsor slots are still available, and speakers will be announced March 31.

The AIDS/LifeCycle is coming up! I'll be riding my bicycle from SF to LA to raise money. Please donate!

To avoid training and real work, I distracted myself by updating taylor.town. The typography is much more legible now! I also have a nifty RSS feed! What a waste.

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I'm still preparing for my big ride. I purchased cycling shoes, shorts, and a jersey.

Oh and fire season is almost upon us! Be safe and make sure you have active fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers need to be serviced or replaced every ~6 years.








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