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Never Wait for Anything

Pay no mind to your meeting in 25 minutes, nor to the waitress that hasn't even taken your order yet. Ignore the person in front of you whose second credit card got declined even though he "promises this never happens". Pretend like the traffic isn't there.

Waiting doesn't seize you like an epileptic fit. Waiting doesn't hit you like a truck. Waiting doesn't conscript you; it doesn't invite you; it doesn't impose. Waiting doesn't happen to you.

People may waste your time, but they can't make you wait.

Waiting is a feeling.

To wait is to seethe over nothing. There are always other places you could be. But there you are. Sometimes you don't plan well. Sometimes others make mistakes. Sometimes people are just as busy as you.

Instead of waiting, just stand there. Sit. Listen to a podcast, or think about podcasts you've listened to. Look around, or close your eyes. Talk to people. Lie to them. Dance. Pretend that you're a spy. Put secret horse stickers on door-frames. Hide tiny plastic babies behind things. Have fun. Make fun.

Waiting sucks, so do anything else.