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Eschew the New

It’s exhausting – unceasing streams of series, seasons, and sequels.

Artists create art. Content-creators create content.

I don’t want content. I don’t want reboots or remasters or reimaginings. I don’t want pandering or product-placement or pop-politics. Breaking news is broken.

Content corrodes. Classics last. Masterpieces matter.

Communities of critics scour every archive for hard art – that stuff that makes your heart ache and your face hurt and your gut churn and your brain bend. Those mighty mavens have paved the path. They’ve meticulously listed lifetimes of literature and music and films. Everybody shares the bounty of their obsessions; the critics’ communal catalogues are completely public.

Classics are conspicuous. Worthwhile media mantains attention for many years.

Eschew the new. Pasteurize your palate with the passing of seasons. Timelessness tastes like fine wine. Never consume content created within the decade.

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