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cram those ideas into a clown car

To make memorable art, compress arguments/emotions into potent vehicles.

Here's my general algorithm for making things:

  1. vibes: A brilliant idea strikes, so I feverishly record some lurking feeling or suspicion as a cryptic note.
  2. arguments: I split/organize the note into core theses or emotions I want to evoke. The main goal is to connect two unrelated ideas into a "eureka!" experience. When I'm feeling fancy, I sprinkle some modus ponens on top. This entire process reveals that 90% my ideas are shallow and worthless crap .
  3. vehicle: For passable ideas, I find the smallest vehicle capable of delivering my message. Any clown car will do. Parables and satirical pieces are timeless. Comics and memes are generally underrated. Space operas and vaudeville are begging for renaissances.
  4. sketch: I use pseudoprose and other bespoke systems to build my vehicle. At some point, I get tired of making it better and publish it as-is. To leave my readers wanting more,