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Your Brilliant App Idea

Your Brilliant App Idea will change the world.

The planet will be healed. Hunger and disease and poverty and war will vanish. There will be no downsides or negative second-order effects. Every human will reap the fruits of your ingenuity.

People everywhere will celebrate your achievement. They will dance in the streets. Governments will create holidays in your honor. Everyone will admire you. You will never be forgotten.

Your Brilliant App Idea will grant wealth and power. Your riches will erase all barriers. You will transcend your daily grind. You will finally be free. Celebrities will invite you to extravagant parties. The elites will praise you for being more "down-to-earth" than the others. Fortune will never corrupt you.

You are special. Nobody can fathom the complexity of your mind. Scientists will study your brain for centuries in an attempt to harness a modicum of your talent. You should consider taking yourself more seriously.

It happened to be a Brilliant App Idea, but it could've been a Screenplay Idea, Short Film Idea, Song Idea, or Essay Idea. You are a true polymath (or you would be if you had more time). Anything crafted by you would have been an irrefutable masterpiece.