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Busy Brain, Busy Body

Watching multiple films at the same time is strenuous. Human minds crumble under an ounce of parallel pressure.

Attention is slimy. Bending your brain back-and-forth makes a mess. Context-switching levies a heavy tax.

But your body does its own thing. Your muscles can doodle and drive and dance while your mind is elsewhere.

The only effective way to multitask is to pair a brain activity with a body activity. Work your mind while your muscles are on autopilot.

Categorize your to-do list into "busy brain" and "busy body" and "busy both" activities. Your mind and muscles can tackle their own task lists.

And after you've mastered multitasking, consider pursuing the joy of monotasking.


Autopilot activities for a busy brain:

Hands-free activities for a busy body:

Complementary combinations: