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Apple should acquire Wolfram Research

Wolfram Research is a strange company. Its CEO livestreams their R&D meetings and is publicly pursuing a theory of everything. Maybe next he'll solve the Navier-Stokes smoothness problem and use it to attenuate his reality-distortion field.

But in all seriousness, Wolfram makes incredible software. Mathematica has been impressive since 1989. Wolfram Language blew my mind in 2010, and continues to drop massive updates.

More than any other company, Wolfram was perfectly poised to capitalize on the generative AI revolution. Their newest LLM updates are jaw-dropping.

And yet, Mathematica remains an academic curiosity. Industry software devs rarely dabble in Wolfram world. I myself haven't been able to justify forking over $399/year for it, despite having a pile of real-world use-cases for it.

Meanwhile, Google and Microsoft's OpenAI are commoditizing intelligence. Apple is, uh, sitting on Siri.

Apple should acquire Wolfram Research.

It would be good for Wolfram:

It would be good for Apple: