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Weekend Whenever

I attempted Weekend Wednesday, but it quickly transformed into Weekend Whenever.

When folks catch wind of Weekend Whenever, they whisper of overwork and burnout. But this is not The Grind nor Crunch. This is a plea for consistent and sustainable work.

Workweeks are Man-Made

The typical workweek is 5d×8h (5 days × 8 hours = 40 hours).

Many nurses and doctors work 3d×12h (36 hours), which I personally cannot fathom. Seriously, send me an e-mail if you prefer this schedule -- I'd like to understand.

Weekend Whenever is 7d×6h (42 hours). You may also opt for the 7d×5h (35 hours) or 7d×4h (28 hours) variants.

Hours are Valuable

60 minutes is 60 minutes, but some hours are worth much more than others.

Humans tire and become bored. And tired/bored humans are unproductive.

If you've ever sat in a cubicle, you can feel energy evaporate throughout the day. Few people truly hustle at 4:30PM.

For some jobs, 7dx5h (35 hours) is more productive than 5dx8h (40 hours). The first 4-hours of your day are not the same as the second 4-hours of your day.

Weekends are Compromise

Workers want 4d×10h, but managers reject low-quality work.

Managers want 7d×6h, but workers reject extra commuting overhead.

5d×8h is a silent compromise between workers and managers: fewer commutes exchanged for longer but less-productive days.

Remote Work can be Revised

So it's time to discuss the elephant in the zoom: remote work. Why do remote workers continue 5d×8h? My guesses:

Spurn the Split

The 5d×8h schedule forces you to oscillate between fundamentally incompatible modes: full throttle and full vacation. But we resist relaxation when work looms, and we shirk our careers when urgent personal tasks attack.

With proper planning, the 7d×6h schedule offers freedom and flexibility. You don't have "work days" and "personal days" -- you just have days.

With Weekend Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays supply supercharged sessions without distractions. And weekday afternoons offer fewer queues at the grocery, bank, salon, etc.

Adopt Weekend Whenever

Stop stigmatizing seven-day workweeks.

Use your flexible schedule without compromise. Deliver high-quality work with less effort.

Human output is fickle as the wind.

To sail through the seas with ease, plan your days around the breeze.