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Town Hall #22: News

Breaking news: I think we've reached peak culture, folks. I got an Ozempic ad while watching Caramelldansen memes. If these terms are unfamiliar to you, please trust me -- it's a very bad omen.

Other news:


2024.05.21-24 Chicago, US Circularity '24
2024.05.26-31 Amsterdam, NL DDD Europe
2024.06.07-15 Oslo, NO NDC Oslo
2024.07.04-07 Los Angeles, US Anime Expo
2024.08.08-11 Las Vegas, US Def Con 32
2024.10.19-21 Las Vegas, US WWWY


2024.05.03 surprise! you can append ".txt" to my posts like this
2024.05.02 addicted to rss
2024.05.02 my dentist tried to spit-shine my teeth; the whole experience left a sour taste in my mouth
2024.04.23 of course you can put soy sauce in coffee
2024.04.22 things "worth noting" are often worth nothing
2024.04.18 5214 weekends per century
2024.04.18 It's not a fart -- it's a "cheeze breeze".
2024.04.18 my calm space algorithm: fix broken stuff, move non-furniture off the floor, send stuff to goodwill, make surfaces sparkle, make outside alive, put all possible materials toward projects


2024.05.03 fish seeds
2024.05.02 volleyball with feet
2024.05.02 probably a metaphor for living
2024.05.02 benefits of inconvenience
2024.04.29 metal pipe falling in fifteen languages
2024.04.26 a surprisingly sane manifesto against dog ownership
2024.04.24 modernist churches
2024.04.23 the future funk tutorial
2024.04.22 understanding svg paths
2024.04.21 a country where people can kill others
2024.04.18 measured take on seed oil theory
2024.04.18 more interesting facts about Jesus's foreskin for laymen and serious academics


★★★★★ review Notes on the Synthesis of Form :: Christopher Alexander
★★★★ review Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories :: Terry Bisson
★★ review Consider Phlebas :: Iain M. Banks
★★ review Lawns into Meadows :: Owen Wormster
review A Court of Thorns and Roses :: Sarah J. Maas


★★★★ The Daysleepers :: Drowned In a Sea of Sound
★★★ Papadosio :: Pattern Integrities
★★★ POLIÇA :: Shulamith
★★★ Motion City Soundtrack :: I Am The Movie
★★ Modest Mouse :: We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Tom Waits :: Closing Time
Shinichiro Yokota :: I Know You Like It