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Nothing Fulfills

Life does not suddenly start after your booklets are stamped. Nor does it start once you've scrounged savings or wasted weight away or crossed countless countries. Your life does not begin after receiving degrees or landing jobs or entering retirement.

Your shopping list and to-do list and bucket list are bottomless. Your lists grow until you decide they're complete.

Your bank balance and IQ and weight may matter, but no numbers are worthy of obsession. Numbers haunt if you forget they're fake.

Your next major-life-event will be as fleeting as your graduation, wedding, promotion, etc. That looming Big Day on your calendar is 24 hours, like all the rest. Years accelerate until you decide that all days are Big Days.

Your lists are finished, your stats are sufficient, and today is a Big Day. You've already conquered your quests. You're free now.

Meet your basic needs; everything else is extra-credit.

Fulfillment is a starting point, not a destination.

Be good enough.