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Sincerity publicizes all the warts and blemishes of the mind. My wishlist is honest and sometimes embarassing. Many of my wants are contradictory, naive, selfish, immature, etc. But in spite of my discomfort, public /wish lists are sustainable.

This list contains prices for new items, but purchase pre-owned where possible!

Anyway, enjoy the meager dreams of my meat CPU:
charities, connections, lifestyle, books, diy, music, home, art, tech, fashion.


CGP Grey, Sonja Lang, Woz, Adam Mastroianni, 100Rabbits, NotJustBikes, Gwern, Big Joel, Casey Muratori, dunkey, Jan Misali, Tyler Cowen, Bob & David, Roman Mars, Bret Victor, Bo Burnham, Bartosz Ciechanowski, John Green, Disasterpeace, Avery Truffleman, randy.gg, Ted Chiang, A G Cook, Kate Bush, Gerald J Sussman, Neal Stephenson, Steph Ango, Alan Kay, Jim Jennings, Patrick Collison, Chris Thile, Jamie Loftus, ReviewBruh, Joanna Newsom, Björk, Chris Schafmeister, Hamilton Morris, Craig Newmark

These folks are huge inspirations for me! I'd be ecstatic to receive non-intrusive introductions.



$13 Lawns into Meadows
$15 The Politics of Design
$15 Valuable Humans in Transit
$20 Slow Gardening
$20 There Is No Antimemetics Division
$23 Teaming with Microbes
$24 The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas
$30 The Science of Gardening
$30 The Science of Cooking
$30 The 99% Invisible City
$30 Take Ivy
$41 How to Cook Everything
$55 Grid Systems in Graphic Design
$60 Designing Design
$69 Linear Algebra Done Right
$160 Pentagram: Living by Design
$180 Edward Tufte collection
23×$9 キノの旅
4×$80 The Nature of Order
$330 The Art of Computer Programming

Check out my bookshop.org registry and consider making your own!

I also accept used textbooks -- any subject, any condition!


$32 Fat Gold extra-virgin olive oil
>$200 pen plotter
$670 Jointmaker Pro
$1200 Tormek T8 tool sharpener
>$1000 cnc laser cutter
>$1000 cnc router (for woodworking)
? ceramic pottery kiln
? textile loom
>$3000 cnc textile cutter
>$4000 Precious Plastic injection workspace
>$5000 Precious Plastic shredder workspace
>$6000 Precious Plastic extrusion workspace

I'm an aspiring tool hoarder! If you have any equipment you're not using, I'd love to give it new life.


$250 Midifighter Twister
$425 Yamaha HS-8 Subwoofer
$500 Midifighter 64
$600 Dirtywave M8 Tracker
$350×2 Yamaha HS-8 (white)


>$50 slackline
$50 Eno Apollo Hammock ties
$125 Lodge cook-it-all
$160 Tushy Spa bidet
$190 Minimeis G4 Shoulder Carrier thanks mom
$81×4 Tiptoe table leg
? telescope
$300 Eno Supernest Hammock
$320 Deuter Kid Comfort child carrier
$1000 Magis spun
$1000 Sayl office chair
$2000 WaterRower
$5000 Sway chair
$6000 Dutchtub
$8000 Eames chair
? outdoor sauna


$140 iPhone 4 art
$80×2 custom LEGO botanical garden
>$100 anything from the LEGO botanical collection
? original art by Alex Garant
? original art by Andrea Bergen

I collect weird art and knick-knacks! I am always happy to receive curios for my shrine.

When in doubt, give me crude doodles! I love receiving crappy pencil drawings, especially from non-artists.


$30 erlenmeyer hat
$35 air bubble suit costume
$50 Crocs
$75 void cats knitted sweater
$150 Sankuanz Crocs
$300 Slow Round 21
$300 Slow Round-S 03
$600 floral silk robe
? Rimowa luggage

I am forever hunting for strange clothes! Feel free to surprise me with pieces that have (1) minimal branding and (2) no screen-printing. I am a particular fan of capes and ponchos.


$20 Panopad
$40 Hex-o-matic pencil
? slide rule
? variable speed cassette player (for audiobooks)
$100 cute iPad stand
$199 Tidbyt
$300 Grado SR325x headphones
$1200 Audeze LCD-X headphones