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if it talks like a therapist…

I’m envious of therapists.

After years of study and practice, many develop an uncanny ability to evoke and listen.

They speak fearlessly but fairly. They’re strong, yet nonthreatening. They push back while maintaining peace.

I yearn for this powerless power.

I want to listen without planning my next sentences. I want to hear stories uncolored by my opinions.

I want to help people feel safe enough to prod all their heart’s hidden chambers.

I want to be unafraid of others’ emotions. I want to bravely wade through the full gamut of the soul.

I, I, I…


The current literature is, uh, variable in quality. Some is too academic, some too pithy, some too wishy-washy. I usually enjoy guides that are dense, falsifiable, and opinionated.

If you have any resources/recommendations on the “powerless people power”, please email me and I’ll add it to the list: