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they trap you in meetings because you keep doing stupid shit

Stop complaining about "too many meetings". Meetings exist for reasons.

They don't trust you, and you probably don't deserve their trust. You or somebody on your team or your industry demonstrated that value will not be delivered quickly without hand-holding. Don't demand autonomy before you've earned trust.

Of course you may be capable of building without guidance, but management doesn't feel that way, and you're doing nothing to address their feelings.

Take a h*cking second to think of things from the business's point-of-view, then offer tradeoffs to them in their terms:

Hello manager, just reminding you that I'm spending 9.5/40 hours in meetings every week instead of producing X. Would you like me to cancel/shorten meetings A, B, and C? I can submit a weekly review of A/B/C via email instead. With this change, I think we can deliver X to customers 1 month ahead of schedule.

If you think a particular meeting is useful but disorganized, try this:

Hello manager, I think meeting A would be more valuable for our team if we moved to a more focused format. Could we try doing M for 2 weeks?

Yes, management knows that each meeting costs 6*$150/h=$900/h or whatever. They did the math and believe that annually spending $46,800=$900/h*52h will accrue an equal amount of profit in the long run. If they're not doing the basic math, then, well, they're doing even stupider shit than you.