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The Scourge of “Someday”

Dreams are heavy. Fake-futures weigh as much as fate. “Someday” is Sisyphean.

You expect yourself to do things. You expect yourself to become somebody else. And you haul these expectations past their expirations. And you feel behind. You feel so behind.

That European backpacking adventure, that clever novel concept with the twist ending, that kitchen drawer you’d like to organize (when you get around to it), that old friend you’ve been meaning to reconnect with, that gym membership – all those desires sleep beyond the horizon.

Imagination runs wild, and it pulls you along its endless marathon. The finish-line was always illusory.

“Someday” is a mirage.

You’re not behind; you’re just thinking too far ahead.

  1. List all your “someday” plans.
  2. Break each “someday” plan into actionable, pessimistic subtasks. Pretend like each subtask will receive the worst luck possible. Each subtask should take no more than one week.
  3. Abandon all “someday” plans that can’t be reduced into actionable steps. Abandon all “someday” plans whose actionable subtasks sound too daunting. Abandon all “someday” plans that don’t align with your values.