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Say "quadyssey", not "quadrilogy".

"Trilogy" is a delightful word.

"Quadrilogy" is a blight of the tongue.

"Tetralogy" is clunky. "Quartet" is broad.

I propose the following word:

quad•ys•sey (kwŏd′ĭ-sē) noun

a work of art composed of four distinct works


Notable Quadysseys

Quadysseys seem to be rare.

Please email me if you can vouch for good candidate series.

Plus Ones

Adding a sequel or prequel to a trilogy does not make it a quadyssey.


Furthermore, I would change the rest of wiktionary's trilogy companions:

For example, Harry Potter is a 7-part polygy and A Series of Unfortunate Events is a 13-part polygy.

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