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No Fights

The struggle is exhausting.

Life shouldn't be something that gets in the way of living.

Work happens to you. Family happens to you. Health happens to you. When do you happen?

It's survival -- giving everything you've got just to get to tomorrow. But 25,000 tomorrows is 70 years. And when you get to ~15,000, all those yesterdays look exactly the same.

So give up.

No fights. Play at work. Laugh with your coworkers. Or give them your mind. Prank your customers. Stop telling people what they want to hear. Stop sucking up. You're not nearly as important as you think you are. Apply to Baskin Robbins. Just enjoy it. Don't let them steal your soul. Don't let the fire of youth die. Don't let the sparkle fade from your eyes. Stop fighting time. Stop fighting money.

No fights. Play with your family. Tell them they suck. Or tell them exactly why you love them. Of course they won't like the "real you". Cut them off. Or hugs for everybody. Accept it all. Stop fighting your past. Stop fighting the fear of fighting. Stop fighting yourself.

No fights. You're going to die. Don't resist. The heart attack will be more pain than you can manage. Or maybe the cancer. Stop fighting your undoing. You can't win. But you can keep playing. And you can keep playing 'til the game ends.

No fights.