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Never Wait for the Check at Restaurants

You're allowed to ask for your check while you're ordering your food.

In fact, the world is a better place when people ask for their checks upfront.

Upfront checks reduce idle people hogging tables, which means higher total throughput for the restaurant. Higher throughput means more money for the restaurant, more tips for the servers, and fewer hungry people waiting for your seat.

Upfront checks empower restaurant staff to plan more effectively. When the servers, chefs, and bartenders don't have a constant stream of urgent work, they can batch work and take proper breaks.

And upfront checks means more freedom for you. You don't have to scan the restaurant for your table's server, who you can't exactly remember their face, and haven't seen for some time. No, you can just leave exactly when you want.

If you're going to order dessert, just order it while you're ordering everything else.

Do you think you're going to drink 2 beers? Ask your server to bring the second beer out with your main course.

Order your food all at once, then tell your server, "We can take the check whenever you're ready. No rush."