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go big or go small or go home but don't go medium

My memories are structured as long-term projects punctuated by incompressible moments.

Looking back, college was a "big" 4-year project with thousands of "small" moments. I do not remember fondly those "medium" things: commuting, busywork, ambient socializing, labs, gruntwork for clubs, etc. Those medium-sized activities are the worst mix of hard and unremarkable.

Nobody likes feeling useless or powerless. Do big things to find your pride. Do something extraordinary to discover your defining strengths.

In pursuit of grand ambitions, don't ignore the small things. Study your surroundings. Share stories. Create chaos, laugh with strangers, and live sincerely. Do fun things for the sake of fun itself.

But beware those medium-sized things -- they're pointless. They're difficult tasks that build no character. They are neither fun nor worthwhile. It's empty training without a trophy. It's junk time that vanishes as it's spent. It's accomplishing without accomplishment.

Don't deceive yourself -- big things are not necessarily composed of medium things. Years of diligent study can end with a big diploma; years of Wikipedia binges can end with a medium reputation for trivia. Big practice makes an expert; medium practice makes a hobbyist.

Big things make your life meaningful. Small things make your life delightful. Medium things make your life disappear.