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Make Important Things Inevitable

If health is important to you, make health effortless. Wear atheletic shoes and running shorts all day. Replace your couch with exercise equipment. Flush your booze. Get a personal trainer. Join a gym group. Subscribe to a meal/grocery delivery service. Make nutritious foods the easiest option (or only option) in your refrigerator and pantry.

If friends are important to you, make friends unforgettable. Never do anything alone. Move in together; start a commune. Start projects together. Share your location. Become co-workers. Expand the squad. Put adventures on the calendar. Create tiny traditions. Throw unforgettable events. Invent holidays. Give gifts often. Send doodles and crafts and trinkets via snail-mail.

If writing is important to you, make writing riveting. Eat a dictionary. Spew 1,000 words every morning. Register for workshops. Use dictation tools while driving. Crush challenges. Deliver drafts. Eliminate wi-fi. Aquire an agent. Purchase distraction-free writing tools. Always keep your writing implements handy. Cut and edit furiously; throw most words away. Befriend other authors.

If wealth is important to you, make wealth inevitable. Make income easy. Hone crafts. Attract talent. Brand yourself. Optimize output. Allocate capital. Attempt everything. Make spending suck. Shred your credit cards; use cash. Stop subscriptions. Delete your Amazon account. Cancel plans. Forsake your friends. Live in your car.

If family is important to you, make family fundamental. Schedule recurring events. Call your loved-ones daily. Start a group-chat. Move into a multi-generational home. Divert direct-deposit income into your "family flights" fund. Maintain traditions.

If fame is important to you, make fame your focus. Churn content. Make a mailing list. Curate charisma. Find famous friends. Get a voice coach. Cultivate a craft. Refine your style. Exercise often. Mix and mingle. Practice etiquette. Learn to converse.

If making music is important to you, make making-music your life. Purge all non-music possessions; sleep on the ground. Practice until songs become second-nature. Befriend industry insiders. Agree to all gigs. Write and revise until your magnum opus arrives. Schedule studio time before you're ready. Record everything. Play with your eyes closed. Collect secondhand sound equipment.

If spirituality is important to you, become your beliefs. Give away all your possessions. Stare into your soul for six hours straight. Find a teacher. Retreat into Nature. Dissolve your ego. Chase enlightenment. Overpower evil. Spread secrets.

If anything is important to you, make it inevitable. Doggedly purge distractions. Prevent unmemorable moments. Delete social media. Fail fast; succeed with style. Cancel your subscriptions. Live obsessively.