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Slay Dragon Before Reorganizing Closet

I wasted a third of my life battling alcoholism and poor social skills and anxiety and burnout and The Internet.

All the while, I trifled with optimizations: better diet, less commute, more muscle, less loneliness, clean home, more money, etc.

I lost myself in side-quests to avoid dragons.

When dragons destroy your life, ignore trifles. Slay dragons.

Find Your Dragon

Dragons lurk in broad daylight. They proudly park themselves on the roads to your best futures.

Dragons sit and eat and laze. Some grow so large that we mistake them for mountains in our mental landscape.

To find dragons, ask yourself pointed questions:

Slay Your Dragon

Breakups suck. Sobriety sucks. Uncertainty sucks. Dragons are scary.

Slaying a dragon is simple yet painful. Shortcuts are futile. You must fight it the hard way.

But you're not alone. Billions of other people fight dragons too. Advice is commonplace, but dragons are simple creatures. Collective wisdom is indespensible.

Here are common dragons and timeless strategies:

depression get therapy, talk to a psychiatrist, exercise daily, quit alcohol
work develop in-demand skills, hunt for jobs, hustle on unglamorous side-projects, live frugally
social skills read HTWFAIP, copy therapists, develop curiosity, attend meetups
addiction flush the stuff, go to rehab, get a counselor, find new friends
friends/family change your phone number, move cities, meet people, start anew
body health sleep hygenically, exercise daily, avoid processed foods, quit alcohol/nicotine
distractions set parental self-controls, find a phone home, sell your TV and game consoles

Feel free to email me if you need advice/support for slaying dragons. We're all in this together.