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Beware The Grind

Most people give their entire lives to The Grind. The Grind never attends funerals.

The Grind offers glory to all, but gives glory to few.


Discipline is self-mastery. Discipline promises nothing, because discipline is its own reward. Everybody wants to take control of their lives, but few are willing to practice controlling themselves.

Discipline gives you yourself back.

The Grind vs. Discipline

The Grind offers prestige. Discipline demands respect.

The Grind gives money. Discipline earns a living.

The Grind steals souls. Discipline steels souls.


Be effective, not efficient. Being industrious doesn't make you useful. Never dig holes to nowhere.

Strive, but don’t seek approval. Pursue the pleasure of honing yourself. Take pride in doing your best.

It takes discipline to find your limits, and it takes discipline to stop. Don't exceed your limits. Don't confuse unsustainable behavior for grit.

Work hard and play hard! Discipline mustn't be so serious. Discover the joy in competing against yourself. And remember that you can never truly win or lose when you're the sole contender.


Cultivate Discipline. Become both coach and cheerleader for yourself.

Beware The Grind.