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I often think that I'd like to do everything. Of course that'd be nice, but I think what I really want is to become the type of person that can do everything.

It's not about experience -- it's about ability. Some people derive their self-worth from the places they've been. But narcissists like me measure themselves by where they could've been if they tried.

In this way, people like me never actually get anywhere. We end our journeys prematurely, right after we purchase the tickets. We say, "Oh, I'm sure it's just like the pictures" when we really mean "I could travel, but it's too much work".

There isn't any problem with not-travelling. The problem is that all the money spent on tickets-to-nowhere add up over time, and the inescapable reality sets in once you realize that you can't fill scrap books of things that never took place.

To reiterate, the problem is not being stagnant. And the problem is not planning, if you enjoy planning. The problem is planning for a journey that you'll never attempt. Why not plan for an adventure at-home? Or somewhere that you actually want to go?

Stop pretending to be a person that could travel, and just stay at home. And you'll be surprised at the places you'll go!