2022.02.09 Daisugi: The Ancient Art of Growing Trees on Trees
2022.02.09 Bitch-Eating-Crackers Syndrome
2022.01.31 Student-Oriented Teaching
2022.01.29 Cheese Breeze
2022.01.28 Y U N G P I S S
2022.01.28 Future Funk is Weird and Incredible
2022.01.21 Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis
2022.01.21 Dolphin Tears
2022.01.17 Macho Man
2022.01.17 Do It for the Music
2022.01.12 Is Wim Hof a Fraud?
2022.01.10 Supreme Court Says: Police Don’t Have to Do Shit
2022.01.10 But They Used to Paint the Marble Statues
2022.01.10 Long-Live Plain Text!
2022.01.09 The World’s Ugliest Ring
2022.01.07 No Fights
2022.01.06 Fame: Persistence vs. Skill
2022.01.06 Darth Vader vs. Ronald McDonald vs. Ketamine-Powered Civic vs. The Infidels vs. R2-D2 vs. Darth Vader
2022.01.04 Why Is Every Song Out-of-Tune?
2021.12.28 Why JavaScript’s Secret Comma Operator is So Darn Useful
2021.12.28 Using {Blocks} in Rust & Go for Fun & Profit
2021.02.13 “I’m lonely 😎”
2021.02.13 Maybe I Don’t Know More than the Experts
2021.01.02 Choose Values over Discipline
2019.06.19 Finding an Infintesimal Worm in Your Apple
2019.06.16 An Algorithm for Generating Ideas
2019.04.19 The Universe is God (According to Christians)
2019.04.18 Suspended Disbelief
2019.04.18 Don’t Feel Your Feelings
2019.04.08 What isn’t David
2019.04.07 Structure-State-Value Architecture for OOP
2019.04.05 Synthetic Intelligence
2019.04.01 How Do Taoists Quit Smoking?
2019.03.16 The Speedy Media Manifesto
2019.02.24 Plunge
2019.02.24 Nothing
2019.02.01 A One-Size-Fits-Most Software Architecture
2018.11.15 On Improving Education
2018.10.08 Set Phasers to Blind
2018.10.07 The Problem with Podcasts
2018.10.01 Self-Control is an Anti-Virtue
2018.09.18 Time
2018.09.18 Slumpy
2018.09.17 Plausible Deniability
2018.09.17 Nobody Actually Sneezes
2018.09.17 Being Unreasonable
2018.09.17 Always Waiting
2018.09.15 JSON Considered Harmful
2018.09.15 Becoming